Le Feme Chateau is a boutique nestled in the heart of the historic Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina where golf history will be made June 2014! Deborah, the owner, shares her passion for beautiful colors, quality materials and classic designs in her selections for this fun and happy ladies shop. Specializing in timeless leather handbags, handmade in Italy by a family owned factory since 1950. Inspiration for these gorgeous handbags often comes from the worlds greatest design houses such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes... who doesn't love their coveted Birkin bag? Other fabulous finds include custom elegant silk wraps, exquisite handwoven scarves & wraps and exclusive Murano art glass jewelry... designed by Deborah and made in Italy of course!

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Style 446 in Orchid Style 446 in Caterpillar Style 446 in Sky Blue Style 446 in Pineapple Style 446 in Orange Style 446 in Electric Blue Style 446 in Hit over the Head Red Style 446 in Coral Style 446 in Tricolor Style 446 in Cognac Style 446 in Honey Style 446 in Cappuccino Style 446 in White Style 446 in White Quilted Style 446 in Balck Quilted Style 446 in Black Style 446 in Kelly Style 952 in Forest Green Style 952 in Black Style 952 in Hit you over the Head Red Style 952 in Honey Style 952 in Cappuccino Style 952 in Sky Blue Style 1357 in Black with Silver Style 1357 in Espresso Style 1357 in Brown Style 1357 in Honey Style 1357 in Electric Blue Style 1357 in Hit you over the Head Red Style 143 in Orchid Style 143 in Emerald Green Style 143 in Sky Blue Style 143 in Honey Style 143 in Black Style 143 in Black Moc Croc Style 143 in Hit you over the Head Red Style 2427 in Cobalt Style 2427 in Pineapple Style 2427 in Ice Pink Style 2427 in Moc Ostrich Style 2427 in Black Style 2427 in Black Patent Style 2424 in White Style 2424 in Creme Style 2424 in Chocolate Style 2424 in Coral Style 2424 in Pineapple Style 2421 in Peach Style 2421 in Pineapple Style 2421 in Purple Style 2421 in Bronze Metallic Style 2421 in Silver Metallic Style 2421 in Gold Metallic Style 2421 in Black Patent Style 2421 in White Style 1457 in Tobacco Style 1457 in Chocolate Style 1457 in Honey Style 1457 in Red Style 1457 in Coral Style 1457 in Orchid Style 1457 in Taupe Style 1457 in White Style 1457 in Black Style 2632 in Black Style 2632 in Coral Style 2632 in Turquoise Style 2632 in Lemon Yellow Style 2632 in Mustard Style 2443 in Black Style 2443 in Coral Style 2443 in Yellow Style 2443 in Cognac Style 2443 in Chocolate Style 2444 in Black Style 2444 in Chocolate Style 2444 in Tobacco Style 2444 in Taupe/Brown Style 2444 in Creme Style 2444 in Yellow Style 2444 in Bright Red Style 2444 in Turquoise Style 2451 in Red Style 2451 in Black Style 2451 in Butter Style 2451 in Ice Pink Style 183 in Pumpkin Style 183 in Pineapple

Styles that COME and GO
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Handpainted Leather Paris Bag Hand Painted Leather Dachshound Magic Circus White Magic Circus Brown Tote Magic Circus Cosmetic Black Suede and Patent Bow Bronze Metallic Clutch Black Satin Clutch Zebra Black Shoulder Quilted Creme Lamb Shoulder Bag Whisteria Quilted Shoulder Green Striped Travel Bag White Patent Moc Croc Taupe Tote Strawberry Moc Croc Camel Handbag Taupe Shoulder Espresso Handbag Pineapple Handbag