Murano Glass Jewelry

Our Murano glass jewelry collection is entirely made in Italy, with the glass being world renowned Murano glass. These pieces are considered "art glass" and not costume jewelry. Gold or silver leaf is infused into the glass, giving each piece the look of a gold or silver chain...many customers holding a piece in their hands think it is metal and are surprised it is glass. Despite being glass, the jewelry is very durable. For those of us with metal sensitivities or if you turn black from gold or silver, this is a wonderful solution.

Many pieces in the Murano collection are LFC exclusives. I designed the chokers after hearing numerous customers talk about the difficulties in putting on necklaces with clasps. Their frustration was my motivation. The chokers are on memory wire, covered with tiny glass beads and they fit most everyone. My ladies with arthritis and who live alone love them. The Murano collection is popular with all age groups and are both trendy and conservative, dressy or casual, depending on the person and the attire. The colors are vivid and gorgeous. The ball chokers look fantastic stacked and create a "wow" necklace. Wear one, wear three, wear ten...they all look great. Create your own style!

The longer necklaces are adjustable (usually about 2") and have a good size lobster clasp. The long ball necklace, worn with a ball choker in the same color, is a great look too. You can mix and match so many ways.

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