This wallet is the best I have ever owned and used!  My customers feel the same and call it "the filing cabinet wallet".  They call it that because everything is going in one direction.  So when standing in a store, you don't have to start turning it upside down looking for snaps, zippers and wondering which way to turn it...everything is facing you and right there to see.  The window for your license, with credit cards used most often to the far right, back up cards at the bottom, bills in the front, change in the zippered compartment and "stuff" or money in the back section.  This Euro design is uncluttered, simple, organized and durable.  Available in all black or brown exterior with buff leather.
Hint: When carrying a deep but narrow handbag, put your wallet in vertically (north/ south).  You would be surprised at how many people forget that!

Leather Wallets