Silk Wraps

I can't say enough about these fantastic Dupioni silk wraps. My customers call this accessory "instant elegance" and they are right. There are many ways to wear it. It is totally reversible. You can make each color show equally or adjust it to show more of one color. Wear it high for a portrait collar...very regal looking. Wear it lower showing your shoulders...very sexy. Wear it with both tails on the shoulder with a brooch...very elegant. Tied around the waist or hips...very playful. This wow piece is a favorite especially with my ladies that travel quite a bit. It folds or rolls up in your suitcase and requires little space and rarely requires ironing. What better way to make the basic little black dress something exquisite. So simple, yet so fabulous! Can you imagine a bridal party in walking down the aisle in these ladylike and colorful wraps?

The Dupioni silk used in this wrap is stiff enough to hold it's shape, yet soft and fluid enough that it doesn't make a "crunching noise" when you move or hit you in the face when you move. It is just right!

In case you are wondering if a busty woman can wear this wrap, the answer is yes! Most are surprised that it doesn't accentuate, but detract.

Special order color combinations are available.

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