Handwoven Wraps & Scarves

These beautiful pieces are handwoven right here in North Carolina by a very special and feisty lady!  She weaves each piece with a rayon boucle yarn.  Now before I continue, let me ask you...what is rayon?  If you are like me and most of my customers, you have never liked rayon material because you thought it was  synthetic, like nylon and polyester didn't you?  Well, we were wrong!  It is a natural fiber (cotton) with cellulose added...funny how I love it now.  Another name for rayon fabric is viscose.
I love the fact that she doesn't weave a pattern into her pieces.  This allows you to wear them with busy patterns like florals and plaids.  The fabric is light and fluid...not adding bulk, just style.  The colors rich and vibrant or soft and feminine.
These pieces are worn year round.  In the summer color block tied around your shoulders over you floral summer dress. Or tied around your hips over a simple linen sheath.   In the fall and winter worn over a plain wool dress either as a wrap or a scarf with a cowl effect.  Very versatile, very lady like.
The scarves are light enough to wear two at a time with out adding bulk.
The wraps do what both the color blocks and the scarves do.  

Handwoven Wraps and Scarves
Handwoven Wraps and Scarves